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Imma Normatova

The leading Esthetician expert with a holistic view and approach

I have been working for over 15 years in the Beauty and Wellness Industry. I know the direct correlation between what we eat and its outcome on our skin. I am very inspired to give beauty joy lightness and a good mood.

Treat your skin every season

“ I myself, as a mother, know how hard it is to be with the kids all the time. I help moms relax, recharge, and feel better, and more desirable. I also know about the problems of teenagers, as I myself suffered from acne in my teens. I always try to make the skin of teenagers clean and beautiful, as I realize the importance of this. After getting rid of skin problems, they even start to learn better, isn't it great?”

I want to make people beautiful, charged, light, and positive. Give them the experience of self-love

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Our core values

I love what I do, I love working with people, and I love warm communication. And my esthetician work is directly related to my main values

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Self-care and self-love. It's so important!

Only if we love ourselves, we can give our love and care to our loved ones and those around us.

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Feel bright emotions

As an esthetician, I am very inspired to give clients the feeling of beauty, joy, lightness, and a good mood.

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satisfaction of every one of our clients

Individual categories that I am always happy to help: tired/stressed mothers with children, busy career women, teenagers, and women 35+ with beginning signs of fine lines and wrinkles.

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best customer experience

Superior quality of our products and level of client relationship management. Effectiveness of internal communication and maximizing activity as well as high business profitability.

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flower and bootle on the table


our reliable friends

These companies help us to improve the quality of services and make the results even more visible

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Treat your skin every season

Featured services

We use the latest technologies and products for your individual beauty needs. The team members always do their best to tailor every program and achieve your desired results.

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