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carbon peel

In addition of treating acne, enlarged pores, oily skin, and uneven skin tone, a carbon peel is often used for skin rejuvenation


Carbon peeling is used to treat skin blemishes and wrinkles, as well as improve the firmness and overall appearance of the skin

This non-invasive peeling procedure involves the application of a carbon lotion that penetrates deep into the pores. Under the influence of a laser, carbon is destroyed, and with it various skin impurities. In addition, peeling stimulates the production of collagen, due to which the skin becomes more elastic and radiant, and fine wrinkles are reduced.
The procedure was originally adapted for the arms, back, waist, abdomen, thighs and buttocks. However, you can choose the targeted area depending on your needs.

When is typically used

What Carbon
peeling do?

As an excellent non-invasive procedure, carbon peeling addresses the following skin problems:


oily skin


dull skin


What Carbon peeling Effect?

Painless treatment ideal for most skin types and quickly refreshes the skin, and the result is noticeable immediately

1. Cleansing

Ensure pore-purifying effect; the treatment removes keratinized cells and sebaceous plugs.

2. Rejuvenation

Prevent mimic wrinkles, mild under-eye wrinkles, and ‘The Danger Triangle’ wrinkles. Moreover, moderate wrinkles will gradually smooth out while deep wrinkles will become less visible.

3. Shining

Keep your skin clean and healthy; it helps to remove scaling skin areas and enlarged pores.In result, the skin feels silky, smooth, and well-hydrated.

4. An efficient solution

It clears up acne, regulates sebaceous glands activity, and reduces local inflammatory processes. No more oily shine!


How it goes?

Carbon peeling evens out skin tone, reduces pigmentation, fine lines and acne

woman doing facial laser hair removalwoman do facial hair removal procedure

The carbon peel procedure begins with the application of a special cream with a high carbon content to the patient's face. This cream penetrates deep into the pores and absorbs skin impurities.

After the cream penetrates into the pores, a laser is used, which heats up and destroys the carbon particles along with skin impurities. This process stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, making the skin softer, smoother and firmer.

what you should know


If you have any certain medical conditions, it is essential to consult your doctor before booking the procedure. We especially recommend viewing the list below in order to avoid unwanted consequences.

Cancerous conditions
Pregnancy and lactation
Acute infections
Chronic skin diseases
carbon peel before after


Carbon Laser Facial

Single session
Package of 3


Frequently Asked Questions

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Is it painful?

No, since this procedure is non-invasive, it is completely painless. There is a slight tingling and warm sensation some clients experience and find enjoyable and a short-term reddening of the skin is also possible. After the procedure is over, you can immediately return to your daily activities.

How often should I do Carbon peeling?

In most cases, it is recommended to have this procedure every 4-6 weeks, but depending on the needs and skin problems, there may be other dates.

When will I see results from Carbon peeling?

You will see results in the form of radiant skin as well as reduced acne and pore size after the treatment is completed.

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